Friday, 27 September 2013

Thank You Letters & Post Cards

So ever since I was young I have loved to write.
I used to be the first one to have written all my thank you letters after Christmas or my birthday. To me it was never really a chore, I enjoyed it. I used to draft out what I would write first and then choose the thank you card or writing paper and then, in ink pen, I would set to work.
Thank you letters are a thing of the past now. People send emails or texts rather than a letter. I still prefer the personal touch.

Another tradition was post cards. This is still a very strong tradition in my family and I would approach it the same as my thank you letters, trying to draft out what I wanted to say in my head before committing it to paper/card.
I wonder if this tradition is fading due to the large increase in price for a stamp? You can now buy about 2 postcards for the price of one stamp!

This love of writing and telling a story has made me interested in writing a blog and sharing my thoughts, ideas and passions with other people in a quirky sort of way.
I am not an expert at spelling or grammar but I hope that some people will enjoy reading my ramblings as they are.